They Purchased Both Sets

Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist Team Leader
Victoria & Tasmanian Conference

Joe Paola

We were welcomed in to the home of a lovely African couple from Nigeria.

They have a grown family of two girls who are both married with children and two boys at home that are studying at university. Looking at the photos we just loved the smiles of happiness shown and commented on their love shinning though.

On presentation of the 5 volume Family Medical Care, Toong was most impressed and studied each volume with enthusiasm saying that they are just what he wanted. His wife Tilly had questions on nutrition and saw the value of our 3 volume Foods and their Healing Power.

They were so impressed that they purchased both sets.  Although they did not want our Today Tomorrow and You volume, they did accept a copy of Steps to Christ and were happy for us to pray for them before leaving.

We ask our Lord Jesus Christ to bless them with health through the reading of our health books, and more importantly to use that small but inspired book to guide this beautiful family into the love of the family of God.

Sylvia & Geoff