Eunice Winship

Team Leader
Northern Australian Conference

Elvio invited me into in flat. He was so gracious. During the course of the canvass, I found out that Elvio was not well and had been in and out of hospital. He lived alone and felt encouraged by my visit.

His parents were in France and he did not have any close relatives in Cairns. I really felt for him.
I noticed a copy of Desire of Ages and couldn’t wait to ask if he had read it and how did he found the book. He bought the Family Care Volume 5 and after I canvassed the Today Tomorrow and You.

Once, twice…

Elvio told me he had previously had Bible studies with Jehovah Witnesses and people from the Korean Church of God, but he found the studies irrelevant to him.
When I asked him about Desire of Ages, he said that a friend in hospital had given it to him and told him that the book was the best ever written. However, he felt bad that he did not have the time to read it as he was having trouble with his vision because of the medication he was on.

I encouraged him to read the book and he said he would, once he received his glasses. I went onto ask Elvio if he was interested in studying the Bible again. He replied, “Yes, I think it would be a good idea if I renewed my spiritual faith again.”
I prayed with him and that night emailed the pastor to visit.
At prayer meeting tonight, I was so thrilled to see Elvio and he told me that he would be at church on Sabbath and would continue with Wednesday night prayer meetings. Pastor Johnny had followed-up and this is the result!