Today God gave me a special treat!

Maggie Smith

Future Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference.

Joe Paola

Often I ENJOY giving out books and pamphlets to people. It comes easy while I am out shopping, asking people whether they like reading….I also like to give literature to people coming to the door. The door to door salespeople have a special place in my heart! While they want me to change my electricity company or the like they are always grateful for a glass of water and a cookie instead of a cool “No business here.” Almost all of them walk away with a Great Controversy or a Desire of Ages.

Today we had a tradesman here with an interesting hairdo and lots of tattoos. He looked a bit scary! When Pete went inside to get the check I was left outside with him…he started talking about the smoke from the burn offs around. I mentioned how sad I am that many birds have their habitat destroyed by the fires. He had a different opinion, so I was quiet; but it didn’t add to my courage! When Peter came outside again, I went inside and took the abbreviated version of Thoughts from the Mount of Blessings. Being quite unsure about his reaction I told the man that I wouldn’t be offended if he wouldn’t accept my gift saying it was not too easy to read being about love (love is a bit complicated, isn’t it?)….I am praising God for the man’s response. Not only because he accepted it, but his words were, “Then it will make good reading. I am hurting a fair bit.”

If God hadn’t given me the courage to reach out to this man, who would have pointed him to Jesus and His blessings? 

God bless you as you work for Him!

Maggie Smith