Eunice Winship

Team Leader
Northern Australian Conference

Working in the upper class is a real joy! I knew God was leading. After parking the car, I said a prayer asking God to give me wisdom as I approached the doors. As I walked up to the first home – I thought, “Lord I wouldn’t mind meeting a family from Papua New Guinea. (There are a few families who live in these areas – especially those who are involved in business enterprises in New Guinea. They settle their children in Cairns for education and regularly commute between both countries.)

Knock back…

The Lord impressed on my mind that the door I was about to knock on, would live a family from New Guinea. I looked for clues – usually what grows in the garden – but there was no indication. I brushed the thought aside as being “just my mind” and knocked. After the second knock the door opened and much to my surprise a tall young lad opened the door. He looked very African. After I explained myself he said he was sorry – but was not interested. I couldn’t help but say, “do you mind if I ask where you are from?” He replied, “from Papua New Guinea.”

U turn

I couldn’t wait to tell him my experience prior. Jawa was so taken by that, he gave me a generous donation for the UTURN, and accepted the Sabbath Information. (Jawa and his family are from the Bahai Faith.) Jawa is studying for his degree in Economics. His father is an advisor to the PNG government and his mother owns a car rental business in Port Moresby.

I asked if it was okay for me to pray for him and his family. He readily agreed. When we finished praying, to my surprise he stepped forward and gave me a really big hug and a million dollar smile. Jawa couldn’t thank me enough for the prayer and for sharing my experience in God’s leading. All he could say was – wow! God is just so amazing!