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Wendy Orr

Literature Evangelist Tasmanian Conference.  


Joe Paola

Pam* has been coming to our church programs along with her friend and we have connected well. They are now attending The Secrets of Prophecy seminars and are thoroughly enjoying them. Both ladies are Catholic and have found the series very insightful. Soon I will have Pam and her friend over to our house and casually canvass our books as health is a great interest to both of them. I am certain that Pam and her friend will be new members before the end of year!!!

I would also like to tell you about Belinda. She approached me with a big smile and held my hand and said, “I believe you have a special message for me.” One could only think, is this a nutter or a providential encounter? Belinda is really enjoying the book, The Desire of Ages and a little book called, The History of Tomorrow by Julian Archer which really unveiled a lot of truths for her.

She is very excited and her transformation is beautiful to behold. She is a lovely lady and wears her heart on her sleeve. Steps to Christ is another book I will show her next time. Belinda has been coming regularly to Ulverstone and Devonport churches, and came most days to our Tasmanian Big Camp. She brought her adult son on the last day and her son has started coming to church as well.

Another lady, a patient of my husband Neil has been gifting me many plants over the last few months knowing that our family loves gardening. Sadly,her husband has just found out that he has cancer and so I am going around next week to canvass our food and medicinal plants volumes. She was born in the UK, is an accountant by profession, loves her garden, has a gorgeous home overlooking the sea in the town Penguin and has 8 of the world’s most spoilt cats. Beautiful lady! There are others that I am nurturing. I am also going to gift her the book, The Great Controversy. She is very intelligent and an avid reader, I am certain she will relish it!

Wendy Orr

Literature Evangelist Tasmanian Conference

*All names changed