What a privilege to be a Literature Evangelist for God…

Geoff Wall

Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference.


Joe Paola

A month ago, I was privileged to place a set of The Bible Story volumes in a home and leave a copy of Steps to Christ with a mother who is a non-believer. I also promised to return and provide other material for her to read and find hope.

This week I returned and a young lady came to the door, not the lady that I wanted to see, but the daughter. Then I remembered that last time there was another lady who had remarked that she was raised a Roman Catholic but had lost interest in religion and the Church.  Realizing my mistaken identity, I told her that this special book, Today Tomorrow and You was especially written for people just like her – looking for answers about life today and in their future.

Helen remarked that she sincerely would like to read it and also the free books, The Great Controversy and Hacksaw Ridge that I gave her.

Another Divine appointment! Helen was not the lady I was coming to visit but she was the lady that God desired me to see!!

Please pray for these two ladies. There are many people in God’s diary that may not be in ours. They are just waiting to be approached with Love, wisdom, humility and compassion – gifts that Jesus has provided to us. May we love them into the arms of Christ our Saviour and Redeemer.

Geoff Wall