With Joy in My Heart

Nanise Brown

Literature Evangelist Tasmanian Conference.

Joe Paola

Thank you Jesus for the blessings you give to us. Thank you for opening the way for our mainland Literature Evangelists to come down to our Conference. What an encouragement to work side by side with them.

I was wonderfully blessed during the teams’ recent visit to Tasmania. Working and fellowshipping together, we shared stories of how the Lord led us to the people that He wanted us to meet. I am greatly blessed to be a part of this special ministry that wins many souls for Jesus.

I met a lovely couple and the lady said to me, “My husband goes to the Presbyterian Church but I do not attend.” I shared with them the book, The Great Controversy. Impressed by the Spirit of God she said, “I’II have that book.”

Before leaving I prayed with them, and as I was leaving the lady said, “Keep up the good work.” I Ieft with joy in my heart. This lady wanted something deeper than just going to church. Without a doubt God led me to this couple. Only heaven will know the result of placing that inspired book in their home.


Nanise Brown