Words Given by God

Anna Schlegel

Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference.

Joe Paola

Mandy invited me to visit when her husband Mark would be home, as he’s interested in all things relating to health. He was having breakfast as I arrived. That wasn’t unusual except he was having exactly what I had that morning – porridge with frozen blueberries. He liked the Foods and Their Healing Power books. Although young, he related complex health issues as a result of a mystery illness. He had made significant dietary changes which seemed to be helping his recovery. After 30 minutes of demonstration and discussion, I was preparing to leave but picked up on Mark’s comments about God, our Creator.

Over the next hour we spoke about our common beliefs, about Jesus as our Creator God and the role of the Holy Spirit in a Christian’s life until it became apparent he was convinced the Holy Spirit did not play a significant role in the OT and that’s why some of its heroes were such faulty people. I questioned him about Enoch and Elijah and why these men were taken into heaven after living lives that produced the “fruits of the Spirit”. We spoke about Saul in the school of the prophets and how the Spirit was with him but even so he was free to choose and abandon His prompting and leading.

The commandments inevitably came up as Mark pointed out that Jesus worked on the Sabbath. So we explored the principles of doing good and not working on the Sabbath and how they can be applied practically; how, after all it was Jesus’ custom to attend the synagogue each Sabbath and how we are so quick to dismiss the 4th commandment and yet cling to the nine and of course, Revelation’s description of God’s last day people.

For an hour we explored Biblical concepts and the interpretation of Colossians 2:16,17 and God brought to mind the things I had once contemplated and studied. We prayed together. It was a blessed time. Mark and Mandy invited my husband and I to visit them again. How literally the promise of Luke 12:12 was fulfilled that day: “For the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.”

Anna Schlegel