Florise Dick

Literature Evangelist
Victorian Conference.

Third day on the road as a new LE. Roger, my husband had been very patient and helpful, since I started with him two days ago. It was good to see his approach, as he was an experienced LE. We have prayed together as we worked and thanked God for His blessings along the way.

We knocked on” Greg’s” door and when he opened. We proceeded with the canvas introductions and mentioned good health, to which he replied that he had no hope. Many surgeries later and still facing more, he was not in a good way. He had been a motor bike rider and had had a few spills and hence, surgery. Also, he had congenital conditions that had been surgically corrected. Some of the things he said did not make much sense. Roger decided to offer him a Signs magazine as we were getting nowhere with him. He happened to see the word “God” and that’s when things changed.

He had a twisted view of God and came up with some very strange ideas. It appeared that he did not like the idea of God and we listened patiently to him and shared about our loving God. He then shared that he had been molested whilst attending a Christian school by a clergy and that the whole experience, with court cases had left him devastated. His health, physical and mental, has suffered. While sharing his story, he was crying. We told him that God loved him and that God wanted to help him. I asked permission to say a prayer with him and for him, to which he agreed. He said that he had no friends, to which we replied that he now had two new friends. I was impressed to give him a Great Controversy, which I pray that he will be able to read, as he is dyslexic. During the course of the conversation, he said that we were meant to be there.

Please pray for our new friend as we plan to visit him in the weeks to come.

Florise Dick