Collette Brown

Team Leader
South New Zealand Conference

I called on a home and said “Hello” through the fence to the little dog on the other side, but a human voice answered me back!
I had first called on Jacqueline 15 years ago and have been popping in from time to time, selling her more books. I met her through her sister.

I was driving and something told me to slow down as I came to the intersection. I was just in time to see a car smash into the back of a parked car outside a dairy. They swung around and sped off cutting around the corner where I would have been at normal speed! I saw a young Mum come running out, “My baby, my baby”. I jumped out of my car and ran to see if the baby was ok.
Her partner had changed a tyre but hadn’t put it back properly and it was pushed behind where the baby car seat was! God is amazing!
I calmed the Mum and soothed the child then quietly went off when the police came. A very shaken me then drove off, shock kicked in late. I could have been collected!

Returning Angel

That afternoon I went to check and see how the Mum and baby were. When she opened her door, “You’re my angel! One moment you were there helping me, then the next you were gone. I thought you must have been an angel.”
Well last week Jacqueline was saying it was good to see “my angel” again. We had a prayer together and I left her with Peace Above the Storm after she shared the trying time she was going through!
Wow, what an amazing God we serve!